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Salads & Starters

Crawfish and corn chowder small $6.50/large 10.50
Our house soup creamy rich homemade chowder filled with fresh corn, chunky vegetables and delicate crawfish

Kingfish House Salad $9.00
Wild greens tossed gently in warm Creole vinaigrette, then topped with honeyed bacon, hard cooked egg and roasted tomato – then sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds

Kingfish Caesar $9.25/$10.75* (contains raw eggs)
Crisp romaine lettuce, homespun croutons, and our own smoky chipotle dressing with fresh Parmesan cheese.  Add grilled chicken breast $3.99 or blackened salmon for $8.00

Miss Mary Mac’s Fried Chicken Salad $13.75
A whole marinated chicken breast fried up crispy and served atop a kickin’ yam salad with fresh greens and a buttermilk jerk dressing


Hop & Jump $6.50
Frogs legs battered then rolled in seasoned flour fried to perfect tenderness served with sweet green tomato chutney

Citrus jerk wings $11.75
Sweet, Caribbean, cool spices added to our classic jerk paste with a hint of orange, just enough to jump-start your tongue.

Sho’Nuff Fried green Tomatoes $8.75*
We brought out this favorite for you to try we take sliced green tomatoes roll them in seasoned cornmeal flour fry them on a hot grill to perfection then top them with hushpuppies and chipotle and garlic aioli.

Gussy up liver and onions $8.00
Smooth rich chicken liver spread with a splash of bourbon and chicken cracklin’s, add a slice of garden pickled onions, toast points and you’ve got an elegant start to your evening


Miss Choo Choo’s company’s Commin’ New York Steak $22.95*
A hand trimmed 10 oz. NY strip mopped with fresh herbs, garlic, worcestershire and a handful of Miss Choo Choos’ Secret spices, top this tender cut with thick slices of portabella mushrooms, onions and roasted garlic, served with a side of slow cooked collard greens and seasoned yam fries.

T’s Sweet Tea Pork Chop $19.00
We are so sweet to take two 5 ounce rib pork chops marinade them overnight in sweet tea and molasses, grill em’ up, slather them with our cherry barbecue sauce and served alongside coleslaw and cornbread

Jazz it Slow Gumbo $19.95
Down in the cellar and back to the street, listening to Ma Rainey and her Georgia beat- some gumbo and cornbread is what you wanna eat…cooked down with tasso, prawns, chicken, okra, and served with a piece of cornbread.

My Way or the Highway Buttermilk Fried Chicken $16.95
We aren’t gonna tell you what’s in it but we will say you’ve got to be one early bird to get you one!  And we will bring it with our mashed potatoes, gravy and slow cooked collard greens.

Simply Pan Fried Catfish $15.95
Fresh southern farm raised catfish, marinated in buttermilk overnight, rolled in seasoned cornmeal and fried in hot pan until crispy, served with herbed grits and slow cooked greens.

Gimmie some Shrimp and Grits $20.50
We take a handful of plump shrimp and sauté them in a roasted onion, peppers, and chilies sauce and then add dry sherry and serve over our white cheesy stone ground grits, and garlicky green beans.

Hppin’ John Griddlejacks $14.50
A traditional vegetarian dish untraditionally served; scrumptious cakes made of tender black-eyed peas and rice and roasted veggies, griddled up and served with tomato relish, sour cream and green salad

Cabaret All Monday Red Beans and Rice $13.50
Fat red beans cooked down slow with plenty of chef Paul’s tasso and andouille sausage this house favorite is soul satisfying.

Slamming Blackened Salmon $18.00
Atlantic salmon coated with spicy blackening seasoning, seared to perfection served with airy corn pudding and sauteed pea vines


Candied Yams $4.50
Roasted Red Yams $3.75
Red Beans and Rice $6.25
Mac and cheese $10.95
Coleslaw $3.75
Corn bread $3.75
Collard greens $3.75
Yam fries $4.50

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Crawfish and corn chowder cup $6.50/Bowl 8.50
Our soup creamy rich homemade chowder filled with fresh corn, chunky vegetables and delicate crawfish.


Kingfish Caesar Salad $9.25/10.75*
Crispy romaine lettuce, homespun croutons, and our own smoky chipotle dressing with fresh romano cheese

Kingfish House Salad $9.00
Wild green tossed in warm Creole vinaigrette, then topped with honey bacon, hard cooked egg, and roasted tomato-then sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds

Miss Mary Mac’s Fried Chicken Salad $13.75
A whole marinated chicken breast fried up crispy and served atop a kickin’ yam salad with fresh wild greens and a buttermilk jerk dressing

House Favorites

Down home Mac and Cheese $14.25
We use two cheeses, onion and a bit of mushroom for this good sized helping then we bake it up bubbling hot and serve it alongside a cool green salad.

Jazz it slow Gumbo Cup $6.75/ Bowl 9.75
Down in the cellar and back from the street, listening to Ma Rainey– some seafood gumbo and cornbread is what you wanna eat!

Cabaret All Monday Red Beans and Rice $9.95
Fat red beans cooked down with peppers, onion and plenty of tasso and andouille sausage.

Sunday Chicken Pot Pie $15.00
Chunks of tender chicken, mushrooms, onions, carrots and potatoes in a rich creamy white sauce, topped with a buttery homemade crust and served with a small wild green salad tossed in our house vinaigrette


(All served with fries, coleslaw, or succotash)

Kingfish Beef Burger $9.50*
Char grilled to order with sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle served on a Macrina brioche bun…Sure you can substitute a chicken breast!

Hoppin’john griddlejack sandwich $8.00
Our vegetarian black –eyed pea, rice and roasted veggie cake griddled up and topped with sour cream and tomato relish on a soft roll.

Daddy Delicious Mo Betta Club Sandwich $13.00
Fresh roasted turkey, honey bacon sliced avocadoes, lettuce and tomatoes with spicy mayo served up on Macrina ciabatta bread.

Club combo $10.00
½ Club with your choice of a cup of soup or side salad

Ms Cherri’s Crabcake deluxe $12.75
This is our house crab and catfish cake griddled up and served on a Kaiser with our dixie tartar sauce and fancy greens.

BBQ pulled pork sandwich $10.00
This is our soft Macrina brioche bun just stuffed full with tender braised pulled pork, simmered in a tangy BBQ sauce with just the right kick.

Po’Boy Catfish $9.25 Shrimp $9.95
You call it…catfish or shrimp and we’ll bring it on with our dixie tartar sauce, shredded lettuce, pickles and tomatoes.

Slammin’Salmon Sandwich $12.25
How about a salmon fillet rubbed with our own spicy blackened seasoning served n a warm bun dressed with Dixie tartar and wild greens.

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Start with a sweet slice of homemade coffee cake $4.95.

Crabcake dewey with herbed hollandaise $12.75
Our house crab and catfish cakes fried up crispy topped with poached eggs and homespun hollandaise – served with homefries and fruit.

Chick n’ Waffle $10.95
You want dinner at breakfast well O.K. Take one buttermilk waffle topped with two wings of our early bird fried chicken.  Comes with gravy or syrup. It’s your choice.

French creole eggtorte with roasted tomato coulis $9.00
Fresh eggs rumbled up with peppers, onion and andouille sausage – baked with fresh herbs and a touch of garlic…served with homefries or a green salad.

Bourbon street Bread Pudding $8.75
A savory strata of fresh bread and roasted veggies bound with a light custard of eggs and romano cheese, served with our fresh field green salad.

Good glory! Grits $10.50
We smother these grits with a rich pan gravy with chicken and sweet onions – then to make sure you start your Sunday off right, we serve it with a hot biscuit and scrambled eggs!

Sistah Celie’s Country Breakfast $10.75
Sit yourself down for some scrambled eggs and country grits!  Then take yourself a pick…bacon, ham, chicken apple links or pork sausage patty – Or add $1.00 if you’d like andouille sausage.

Kingfish Buttermilk Flapjacks $7.25
Two tangy, fluffy buttermilk  jodies served up with some syrup and real whipped butter (you say you only got room for just one?  $3.65).

Honey Sweet Granola $7.75
Try Macrina Bakery Granola loaded up with summer fruit and your choice of honey vanilla yogurt or milk.

 ‘scuse me…could I get a side?

Biscuits and gravy $4.75
Andouille Sausage $3.75
Sausage patty $3.00
Pecan wood smoked Bacon $4.00
Ham $ 3.25
Chicken apple link sausage $3.25
Waffle $4.75
Eggs our way ( scrambled) $ 3.50
Field green salad $4.50
Homefries or grits $3.50
Biscuit $4.00
Fruit $5.50


San Pellegrina $5.00
Reed’s Ginger Beer $3.25
Orange juice $3.00
Specialty sodas $3.00
Tea $2.00
Mimosa $5.25
Iced tea $2.00
Bloody Mary $6.00

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Signature Cocktails

Two Sista’s Cocktail $8
Stoli vodka, Peach Schnapps, peach nectar, and a squeeze of lime

Alabama Old Fashion
Makers Mark, simple syrup, muddled oranges, and a splash of soda

Coaston Crusta
Makers Mark, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, triple sec, Maraschino

Kingfish Mojito
Cachaca 51, fresh mint, muddled limes, simple syrup, soda, and a splash of sweet and sour

Mint Julep
Makers Mark, fresh mint, simple syrup, and a splash of water

Pomegranate Lemon Drop
Absolut Citron, Cointreau, fresh lemon, and pomegranate juice

French Quarter
E & J brandy, Lillet Blonde


Come in and check out our winelist

Beer by the Bottle

Kalier (non-alcoholic)
Pear Cider
Heineken Light
Pyramid Hefeweizen
Red Stripe Lager
New Castle Nut Brown Ale
Hales Pale Ale
please ask your server about seasonal beers

Happy Hour

specialty cocktails

Kingfish White Cosmopolitan : vodka, fresh limes, triple sec, white grape juice

Kingfish Bartender’s Margarita: tequila reposado, triple sec, fresh limes, cranberry juice, grand marnier float

Kingfish Lemonade:  jack daniels honey, fresh lemonade, fresh lemons, 7-up

Kingfish Sin: gin, apple pucker, sweet and sour, champagne float

Kingfish Classic Martini:  vodka or gin, dry vermouth

Well drinks $4.00

Select Bottles of Beer  $2

Wine by Glass $5   Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and Riesling

Happy Hour Eats

Sweet potato fries
Pickled Shrimp and Hot Grits
BBQ Pork Sliders with candied jalapenos and slaw $7.00
Catfish Bites with our spicy tarter $5.00
1/2  a Mac and Cheese $5.oo

Sparkling Water

San Pellegrino


Iced Tea
Cranberry Juice
Orange Juice
Loose Tea
black current, ceylon (decaf), chamomile, chinese green tea, darjeeling, earl grey, English breakfast, Jamaican fruit, six herb, spearmint, passion fruit


Diet Coke
Reeds Ginger Brew
Thomas Kemper*
Jones Soda *

*please ask your server for current flavors